Saturday, November 06, 2004

Super Saturday

Well folks it's a SUPER Saturday for me. Why you may ask? Because a really sweet and wonderful son ( Robby the wonder son) has procured for me a computer to use. She's an oldy, but still a goody (kind of like her current user). She doesn't doesn't do a lot of fancy tricks but she gets me online and in touch with the world. Best of all I can finally get caught up on reading all your blogs! It will take me awhile but I will get around to all of you. I've already been by to see some of you. Everytime it's like visiting and old friend you haven't seen in ages. I'm leaving virtual hugs and kisses all over the blogosphere!!!
I'll have more later, right now I an anxious to get back to blog surfing. There's Mary Lou, Phyllis, Leslie, Brenda, TW, Carl, Kim, Ellen, Dawn, Timmy, Desiree, Tiffany, and sooooo many folks I have to see today.


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