Friday, November 19, 2004


Tonight as I was updating my other blog , I went back and started reading some of my posts from way back in March of 03. I was really surprised by how much of what I had written about back then is still relevant today. Things had just started to heat up in Iraq and there was much talk of hope that it would be as quick and easy as we were promised it would be. Much anticipation and angst about those weapons of mass destruction. Would Saddam use them against our troops? Would he use them on his own people? What would happen? When would the war end? Questions we still don't know the answer to.
Then there was the whole Scott & Laci Peterson story. Something else that is still being talked about today. Even though the trial is over, I'm still not sure if he did it or not. If he didn't, then it's tragic that a murder, or murderer's are still roaming around free out there. If he did, then can any woman ever trust her husband and the father of her children? He seemed to nice. So normal. They seemed to be the perfect couple. Much the same as Lori & Mark Hacking. How frightening is it to think that these nice, ordinary young men could cold bloodedly murder their wives?
The world was in a mess and it isn't much better today. In fact I'm almost tempted to say it's gotten worse. Martha Stewart went to prison for lying to federal investigators, yet Ken Lay is still walking around free. Spending the millions of dollars he helped embezzle from the hundreds of people who lost their life savings in the Enron debacle. Is that justice?
I remember at this time last year I was dreading the upcoming Christmas season. So many wanting so much when there is so little to give. I can tell you right now this is one area where I'd like to see some of those old fashioned values re-emerge. I'd love to see people celebrating Christmas for what it is and what it is suppose to represent. Instead of the season of spend,spend,spend. Yes, an old fashioned Christmas would be wonderful. Unlikely to happen, but one can dream.

As you look back on the past year, do you find yourself wondering where did the time go? Have you accomplished all the things you planned to do? Do you feel safer, more secure now than a year ago? Are you financially better off now than then? Is your outlook brighter?
I think I've been thinking too much. It's time to go have a cup of tea and chill. So, will it be coffee or tea?


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