Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Just Call Me Stone Cold

Or maybe cold-hearted, but I find it hard to garner up much sympathy for a bunch of dumbassed hunters who get into a pissing contest over territorial rights and hunters rights. Yes, it is sad that six people have died and another man's life is virtually over. Along with the countless other victim's family members. What a senseless loss.
I don't know the whole story yet, so all I can go on is what I've read or seen in the news ( FOX/Fair and Balanced News). Just maybe these hunters should have given it a bit of thought before they provoked this man with their racial slurs (again I am basing this on what I read in the news) Maybe one should also think about using racial slurs when addressing naturalized Asian-American's with a semi automatic weapon. Why does this bring to mind the ban on semi-automatic weapons that was just recently allow to exprire?
There were six of them and one of him, and according to him THEY fired on him first. Realistically who had more to fear? I'm not excusing what he did, but he was excercising his Constitutional Rights . Just ask the NRA.
I will admit I don't fully understand hunters and their need to hunt. I do respect their right to do so. In the past I have said I could not understand why any law abiding citizen would need a semi-automatic weapon. Maybe now I do. There were six of them and one of him, if ever one needed a rapid fire weapon, I suppose he did.
Know what else I find interesting? The uproar over this. If it were the movies we'd be applauding the little guy. Or if it were a video game, it would be a top seller.
Sadly not all hunters are as wise and thoughtful as TW's .

p.s.: After doing a little more research I find that I did not have all my facts correct in the above post. It seems that the suspect -- 36-year-old Chai Vang, mistakenly wandered onto the 400-acre property co-owned by Willers and Crotteau. Vang told investigators he didn't know he was on private property and did not see any "no trespassing signs."

Gillis said Willers spotted Vang in the deer stand and ordered him to leave the property, then used a walkie-talkie to notify the rest of the hunting party at a nearby cabin.

In the same affidavit, Gillis quotes Hesebeck as saying Vang walked away from the group after exchanging words with someone. Vang got 40 yards away, removed the scope from his rifle, turned and began shooting, in some cases pursuing the hunters when they ran away, Hesebeck said.

Hesebeck said Willers shot back before being wounded himself.

However, according to Vang's version of events,he had started to walk away as the group of hunters summoned by the first man surrounded him, and one of the men began to call him names. After he was 100 feet away, Vang said, he saw one of the men, who had a rifle, take it off his shoulder. Vang said the man shot at him but missed. Vang said he then removed the scope from his rifle and began shooting.

Vang came to the United States from Laos in 1980 and became a U.S. citizen. The married father of six is a truck driver in St. Paul.

All in all it's a sad and tragic situation. I can't help but wonder how much of this was a result of a lack of tolerance and generosity of spirit.


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