Monday, November 01, 2004

Just Another Manic Monday

Here it is already another Monday. Sometimes I just can't believe how time flys. It's going to be a busy few days for me this week. I have volunteered to work at the voting polls. I want to be where the action is. Of course I don't expect there will be much bru-ha-ha, here in podunt. Alabama has been in the Repugnicans Republicans column for many years now. I saw a poll on MSNBC last night where they said that the people most likely to vote for Bush were people with less education, and strong believers in 'the right to bear arms'. That certainly describes the majority of Alabamians. Not to say there aren't some very intellingent people who will vote for him ( I know one or two myself), but heck even really smart people make a mistake now and then! (lol)
I like most of you will be glad when this is all over. I would like to think that by Wednesday morning we will have a new President, or at least know who will be running the show for the next four years. Somehow I seriously doubt it will be so quick and simple. I predict a repeat of 2000. Especially if the current occupant of the WH should lose. I do not think they will go quietly into that good night. So, I'll just cross my fingers, say a prayer, and hope the best man/party wins.
Speaking of Survivor, I am personally ready to see Amy gone! Is anyone else as sick of her as I am? I was happy to see little Miss Stacy take that taxi ride home! That girl sooooooooo got on my last nerve.
Well time's up, so I'll have to say "ciao" for now.
Ya'll don't forget to vote!


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