Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Don't It Figure

Here I am out blogging, trying to visit everyone on my continously growing blogroll. Wouldn't you know it, just about the time I get in my groove, Haloscan goes down. Now I have so much to say and nowhere to say it. Dagnabit! One these days grrrrrrrrrrr.

Oh well, while I'm waiting I'll address a little issue that's been bothering the dickens out of me lately. 60 million is NOT half of the country. When the population is 250 million+, 60 million is a mere 1/4th. Actually HALF the country did not vote at all. At least a fourth of them are children and young people under the age of 18. Another eighth are those who are barred from voting because of their legal status, or lack thereof. The other eighth, are those who did not bother to vote (and may I say they darned well got what they deserved for their lack of effort or concern). The remaining fourth did vote they just voted for the other guys. Of course the bottom line is still the same, and it's really a moot point, but it's one I just needed to get off my chest. Now back to your regular programed blogging....

Have ya heard? K-Mart and Sears are joining forces? Do you suppose between the two they can give the dreaded Wal-HellMart some serious compitition? Man, just let Martha be away for a few days (okay if you wanna be picky, make that months) and look what K-Mart goes starts hanging out with! Geesh!!!

Someone pointed out that this year has flown by. Here it is almost Christmas and I haven't even finished off paying for last Christmas. That's it!! I am officially canceling Christmas. I'm taking it off my calender all together. I'll send Jesus a birthday card, but no one else is getting diddly squat from me. I mean it. Seriously I really do. Really. grrrrrrrrr


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