Monday, November 08, 2004

Behind Closed Doors

We seldom know what goes on in the private lives of those around us. I've known people that for all appearences seemed to be the most put together, stable, sane people in the world. Yet a visit to their home showed the live lives of mass confusion. I suspect that most folks are like-wise. The face, the body, the personality we show the world is what we want (or hope) them to see. Sometimes we even hide the person inside from those we love and live with. We can't bear anyone knowing the turmoil of emotions, and insecurities that churn within our heart and soul. The fear of rejection is more than we can contmeplate. So we lead lives of quiet desperation.
In the begining blogs were a way to let that inner being out. To vent, to let loose those pent up feelings. One could express thier all in a blog, because after all no one who really mattered would ever know. Then we began to develope blog families. Little ( sometimes not so little) groups of online friends who read our every post. Anonymity was lost. Once again we began to censor our thoughts for fear of offending or of revealing too much of ourselves. Well at least some of us did. Are you one of those people? Did you start your blog/journal as a place to "let it all hang out", only to discover that as time went on you found yourself weighing the wisdom or comfort of sharing too much? Or are you one of the brave souls who says "this is my home in the blogosphere and I'll say whatever I think or wish"? Do you find yourself holding back, or do you forge ahead, putting it all out there? This inquiring mind wants to know.


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