Saturday, June 26, 2004

Pass the Pity Please

Why is it that some people just can't get it? They continue to blame others for their own personal failures. Their inability to maintain any semblance of a long term relationship/friendship is always the fault of the other party. Well, here's today's clue. "If you have lived in at least a dozen or more households in the past five years, and every single time your housemates have evicted you because you are a bitch to get along with..., them maybe you should consider the possibility that you really are a bitch." Don't come whining and bellyaching on my doorstep because you can't get along with other people. You don't get along with me so well either. Don't expect me to join your pity party because once again someone has seen the light and is walking toward it and away from you. Enough is enough!
Ain't life grand when children come home to Mama? I think I'll run away this time. Maybe it's time to take that cross-country trip I've been dreaming about.


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