Friday, June 18, 2004

Friday's Scoop

Okay folks here's the deal. TW, I can't get into your blog. I've been trying for two days. Everytime I try my computer freezes up. No, I don't have dial-up. I have cable broadband. Normally it loads fast. Same with Retro Girl. Houston and Jaye, I can get yours to load but it takes forever. Phyllis, Faith, Brenda, David, Leslie,Carl, yours all work fine. Well Leslie's does take a bit to load but it's like only 10 or 15 seconds longer. KB, I can't comment in your comments. It keeps telling me there is some kind of 'fatal error'. I love the new look though! Heather, I hope you get things worked out soon. I miss you. Ladies over at Mind Diverson, your blog loads alright but things slow down considerablly when it comes to commenting. It takes a good 30 seconds for comments to process (this is also the case with Jaye's comments). For some reason Houston's and Faith's work just fine. Everybody else (Mama, Cassie, Ellen, Otto,MaryLou,Tim, OCM, Dave,Kim,Zero, Joe, Kelley, Rob, Fanni,Dawn, Shana, Ellen2, Sherry, Amy, Bobby,Elaine,and others) I haven't forgotten any of you, I'm reading as fast as I can.
So, is it my antiquated computer or is anyone else having problems? My inquiring mind needs input!

ps: Here's a little something I found over at OTTO'S you can make one of yourself too, but you'll have to go to Otto's for the link.


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