Wednesday, June 23, 2004

All The Pretty Young Things

I guess by now everybody's heard, Mary Kate Olsen is battling anorexia. This really makes me sad. I love those little girls. I have watched them go from being adorable little babies to toddlers, pre-teens, and teenagers. It's almost like they're family.
They always seemed like they had their heads screwed on right. The fame and the money didn't appear to affect them the way it has so many other child stars. It looked as if they'd made the transition from child star to credible actors. Without falling victim to the usual drugs and alchool problems.
I've often wondered what it must be like for them. Always being in the spotlight. Having your every move documented for the world to see. They've been acting since before they could talk. How do they even know when their not 'on stage' so to speak?
Anorexia is a serious disease. I hope and pray that Mary Kate will be able to get the help she needs in order to overcome this.
Another pretty young woman that I've seen some mean catty things said about is Paris Hilton. I'll admit at first I too bought into the idea that she was just another spoiled brat rich kid, who had no idea how to behave in public. Then I started watching the The Simple Life. Yeah, at first that kind of offended me. It looked like this was just another attempt to poke fun at country folks. Of course after one episode I realized that while the show might be making fun of country folks , the real butt of the joke was none other that Paris and Nicki. Those two girls made complete fools of themselves. Yet they took it all in stride, and didn't seem to mind that the whole country was laughing our collective asses off at them. I can still see Paris trying to milk that cow. Or chasing Nicki around with cow poop.
Now there's The Simple Life2. How on earth can two young women drive a PINK pickup truck, pulling a shiney silver trailer, across country without a dime to their name? Beats me. But that's what they're doing. Paris hopped right in that truck, and took off. Never having driven a big assed truck like that one, much less pulled a trailer. They had to beg for money for the toll road (Nicki score $20 bucks!!!) and gas. Nicki does most of the 'begging'. She's good at it too. Paris is a little more reserved but you can see she has a great sense of humor. They never take themselves too seriously. Even when Paris got dumped off a horse and almost seriously hurt, she never whined and gave up. After a trip to the hospital she went right back to doing the show. That's a trooper in my book.
They aren't doing this for money. Paris Hilton has more money than she will ever need. I'm sure Nicki (her father is Lionel Richey) is pretty well set for life as well. They aren't doing it for fame, they were already pretty much media darlings. So they have to be doing it for the sheer fun of it. Fun? Being laughed at? Made fun of? This is fun? Well you have to admit they must have a pretty strong sense of self and of their own identity. They could be doing most anything they desired. Instead they are entertaining me (and millions of others) on Wednesday nights. You gotta love em. Well, at least I do. Kinda like the way I do the Olsen girls.
I know with all that's wrong in the world today, maybe it seems kind of silly to suggest that we all say a prayer for Mary Kate. But maybe that's why there's so much wrong. We've stopped seeing each person as an individual who needs love and understanding and started seeing people in groups. I guess it's easier to hate/distrust or dislike them if they aren't just one person struggling the same way we are.
Those are my thoughts for today.


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