Sunday, June 13, 2004

Alive and Well

Here is something that was sent to me by a friend. For anyone who's been through the agony of a dying love, it speaks volumes. I thought I'd share it with you.

Not Love

What quality do I possess or perhaps lack
which puts your patience to the test
and causes that within your breast
to hate what beats inside my chest.
I wish our wedding day I could take back.

You say the love you feel for me is real,
but I ponder if that sentiment rings true.
Why my private thoughts I often hide from you.
If I shared them would more battering be due?
I am scared to tell you what I truly feel.

These times I feel my worth is quite in doubt;
that my value’s just illusion to my eyes,
my existence is that which you do despise.
I tumble through my days with tears and sighs.
The days like these I wish I could tear out.

When we wed I dreamed for lifelong bliss.
This was a wish for you, a wish for me,
A lifelong trip away to ecstasy.
A pleasure cruise across life’s every sea.
A fairytale in each days ending kiss.

But shadows of emotion start to creep.
Some valleys low, and some peaks high,
some days to laugh, some nights to cry.
My soul a bird away to fly.
My dying heart here left alone to weep.



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