Sunday, June 27, 2004

About that Movie/Film/Documentary

Well, heck, everybody is talking about it so I might as well jump in with my two cents. I haven't seen the movie yet. I have the the grandmonster for a month and the only movies I'll be seeing while he's here will be of the Harry/Shrek ilk. No problem really. I'd rather wait until the crowds die down anyway. And crowds there are. I mean lines. Long lines. Every showing sold OUT. A friend of my son's who works at one of the theaters said they have people coming back the second and third times, bringing new people with them each time. So clearly there's something about Fahrenheit 9/11.( Fahrenheit 9/ll Breaks Records)
Yes, I know the 'clips' we see on tv make the film appear to very anti-Bush. However more than one reviewer has commented that the film is not at all complimentary to Liberals and Democrats either. Apparently Moore is an equal opportunity disser.
One of the most interesting things I've read about this movie (or is it a documentary) is something I found over at Whiskey Bar .
"For years now, Limbaugh, Coulter and their inferior imitations have been passing off their slanted misreadings, unproven allegations and flimsy lies as factual reporting. When caught in an outright lie or smear, they either ignore the evidence, or - like Limbaugh - retreat into the phony defense of arguing that all they're doing is expressing a subjective opinion. "I'm just in the entertainment business," Rush likes to say.

Well, now there's someone on the left who knows how to play their game, and play it brilliantly. Moore may be an egomaniac, and a huckster showman in the best (or worst) tradition of P.T. Barnum and Walter Winchell, but man, he's effective. He's learned to play the mainstream media like a Stradivarius.

No wonder the right wingers are scared of Moore - he's even better than they are at using the media as an unwilling amplifier. Which is why all the conservative caterwauling and all disapproving tut tuts from the "responsible" press have only helped ensure Fahrenheit 9/11 a wider distribution.

In other words, Moore's managed to break the code. He's figured out how to sell an angry radical (or at least semi-radical) message to a mass audience.

That's a major accomplishment. And if the end result isn't exactly my idea of a civilized political discourse (I'll reserve judgement for now) it clearly is a powerful and successful example of fighting fire with fire."

Realistically the bottom line is do you have an open mind and are you willing to take the chance that you might see something that would lead to to take a second look? Or are you afraid to open yourself up to the possibility that maybe there are things you don't know and should.
I read consevative's blogs everyday. I listen to O'Reilly, Imus, Scarborough, and even ocassionally even to Limbaugh. Not because I agree with them but because I always want to know what their thinking and what their take is on any given subject. There is always the possibility that they will offer up something from which I can learn. I have such a thirst for knowledge that I don't disallow any point of view. Maybe that is the true secret to my so called intellect. Maybe it's not that I'm all that smart, but that I am willing to continue to listen and learn.
Okay, that's my Sunday Sermon. You can all wake up and go home to Sunday dinner now.


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