Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Wednesday's Wisdom

No, not Wednesday from the Addams Family!

I know that many of you have said, you no longer intend to comment on political issues. I understand and respect that. Once you've stated your opinion there really is no need to rehash the same old doctrine over and over. Unless of course you are a political nut like me. But (isn't there ALWAYS a but with me) a rectent entry by Retro Girl in her blog gave me pause for thought Here's what she said...
"Just because I'll be voting for Bush in the November election doesn't give you the right to call me names. If you call me 'stupid', 'unintelligent', etc. just because of my opinion, that offends me, and only because the name calling doesn't take into condideration WHY someone votes as they do. I was a huge John Edwards supporter--HUGE. Nobody has ever asked me WHY I would decide to vote Republican after giving my full support to a Democrat. Instead, they would rather call me names. That's what makes me mad."
What a profound statement. I am sure that RG knows she's not the only one who's been called names. Her point is valid for those of us on both sides.
So, right here, right now, I want to apologize. I hope I have never called anyone stupid, or unintelligent. I do know I have probably implied, more than once, that, in my opinion people supporting Bush, are in some way less informed or less realistic than we Kerry people are. In my zeal to express my opinion I am sure I have trampled on the feelings and sensibilities of more than one person. I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I was wrong. Not about my support for Kerry(yeah, tx, I know you got all excited there for a minute), but in my arrogant assumption that I somehow can see things more clearly than anyone else.
I am not going to go into all the reasons that I support John Kerry. If you are interested you can read all about it in my post for today at Words On A Page . I think I expressed my reasons fairly well. However, I would like to take this opportunity to ask everyone who wishes to do so, to tell me why you support your chosen candidate. The odds are we won't change each others minds, but at least we will have taken the time to try and understand where we're all coming from and why.
When all said and done, when election day has come and gone, one side will have won the other lost. I'd hate to think, I was the greatest loser of all (even if Kerry won) because I had lost a friend.


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