Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Tuesday's Thoughts

Kim over at The G-Spot was asking about hero's yesterday. Then last night I had the pleasure of seeing my personal hero, John McCain on Deborah Norville's show. Listening to him talk about the abuse he indured during his time as a POW in North Vietnam, almost made me cry. It put into perspective some of the violence and abuse we have been hearing so much about lately.
We all know that war is a nasty business. That prisoners of war are treated inhumanely is no surprise. As an American I naively believed we were different. We would never do to our POW's what other countries do. To discover that we are just as despicable and horrendous as the others is a shock. But, that's not the biggest shock or disappointment to me. No, the worst part is seeing people I thought I knew, act as if it's no big deal. To hear people say it's much ado about nothing. That it was just a few rouge soldiers (not true) makes me ill. In my opinion to condone such behavior speaks of ones character in ways I find it hard to describe. If you agree with this ( Sen. James Inhofe ) sick jerk, then you're as sick as he is. Even his own Republican colleagues don't agree with him.
I digress, the point of all this was to ask, do you have a personal hero? If so, who and why?


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