Monday, May 31, 2004

Sweet Dreams

As I sat in the swing in my backyard tonight and watched, as darkness slipped in and wrapped around me, the stars seemly appearing from nowhere. Some blinking on and off as if someone somewhere were flipping a switch. Yes, there are stars over Alabama tonight. Well at least here in Podunt.
While I sat there gazing into the blinking heavens my mind began wandering down memory lane, as it does so often of late. I know I've often said, your only young once, but, if you do it right, once is enough. I could have been wrong.
I think, that just one more time, if even for only a moment I'd like to be that teenage girl who had such elaborate, and sweet dreams. She believed anything was possible. The world was a treasure chest and she alone had the key to unlock it. She had no idea that treasure trove of dreams might turn out to be a Pandora's box. She simply believed life was her's for the living. Such sweet innocence.
Have I ever mentioned that I dreamed of being a dancer? I love ballet. The dancer is an ethereal creature, she seems to glide even when she walks. She has this sleek, sinuous body that flows with the beauty of the music. Even when there is no music.
I had talent. I could sing, my voice a combination of Skeeter Davis and Dusty Sprinfield. I enjoyed singing. Which was good since I did quite a bit of it. At church, at school, in pagents. I never failed to win a resounding round of applause. If we'd had American Idol back then, I might have even won. I'd have made it into the top 10 for sure. I was that good.
Still, my soul ached to dance. I the possessor of two left feet. At least when it came to dancing anything more sophiscated than the bump, or whatever we called it. There was a song in my heart, sadly,my feet could not interpret it. Yet I dreamed that someday I'd be magically transformed. I'd walk out onto a stage and my body would simply do what dancers body's do. Dance. The audience would be so moved they would weep with joy.
Just once more, if only for a moment, I'd like to be that girl again. Perchance to dream of dancing.


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