Saturday, May 22, 2004

Saturday Sighs

What a day!!
It's been hot as two ferrets doing the nasty in a forest fire, here today. I don't know what the high was, but it was HIGH.
We worked in the yard for a while this morning. I don't usually help with yard work, but Zach , is here this weekend and he was driving his PaPa crazy, so I had to go out and referee. What is it about little boys and water hoses? Finally I promised Zach that if he would behave I'd take him to rent either a movie or video game after lunch. Upon securing said promise, he took off to play with Alex, our neighbors little boy. Things settled down a bit and I was able to come back inside and vegitate with my computer.
Promptly after lunch I was reminded of my promise. So much for an afternoon nap. As we headed out for our trip to Movie Gallery, Zach informs me he has invited Alex to come along. I figure, oh well, what's one more. BIG MISTAKE. Do you have any idea how much havoc two little boys can wreck in one store? Especially when their only supervision is a hot irratated Granny who made the mistake of letting them take her card and go in alone? I almost peed my pants when I spied them through the plate glass window, running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Which had I been able to catch them is exactly what they would have been. I bounded out of my jeep into that store so fast I bet I broke speed records in three olympic events. I managed to catch Zach by the back of his shirt as he rounded the corner of aisle 3. Alex ran smack into him and damn near knocked us all three down. I drug them both out of their by their collars, apologizing profusely to the store clerks. I'm not sure if they wanted to kill me for letting them come in alone or kiss me for getting them out so quickly. I am positive it will be a LONG time before they are happy to see me again. Or that I will be able to show my face down at the local MG.
Zach was not a happy camper when I informed him he would NOT be getting a game after all. I almost had to threaten him with bodily harm to get him buckled up for the trip home. They were even less happy when I dropped Alex off at his house and wouldn't let Zach stay. Granny was not a popular lady today. I can tell you that. When we got to the house, I foolishly thought I'd send Zach to my room and make him take a nap as punishment for being a very bad boy. Nine year old boys do NOT take naps. They will however jump on beds, and hit their head on the ceiling fan. Ceiling fans have fast moving blades that will whack you a good one and even make you bleed. All over Granny's bedspread. Said bleeding will scare the crap out of a Granny resting comfortably in her chair when you come running into the living room crying wannnnnnnntttt.
Do I even have to tell you he got that damn video game anyway? No, not from MG. Thank God, even if we are a small town we have at least 5 video rental stores.
I just have one question here....David, Brenda, How the hell do you do it? I would be dead in a week. Or he would be. For sure one of us would be.
Excuse me now while I go soak in a tub for a few hours....


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