Saturday, May 08, 2004

Mother's Day

I would like to share this with you.
From Bohemian Mama comes this wonderful thought.

"I debated about mentioning this, but I keep thinking about it, so I'm going to. This Mama's Day, please don't forget all the women who are mamas of angels. Having lost a baby before she was born (and her 3rd birthday would have been this week), I know that so many mamas are forgotten because people can't see their children. Also, lots of mamas are forgotten because though they don't have children of their own, they do participate in children's lives, and simply aren't recognized for the Mamahood that they give. And finally, for all those mamas who struggle just to get by and still make the most of it, whether your children are with you or not, I commend you for being the kind of woman who makes what being a bohemian mama what it's all about."

If you don't have the best of relationships with your Mother, drop by over at Phyllis's, and read her letter to her Mother. It might inspire you (as it did me) to give that relationship one more try.


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