Thursday, May 06, 2004

100 Things About Me

I was born in Anniston, AL
I weighed 7 lbs, 2 oz
My Mother was married when I was born, but not to MY Father.
I started kindergarten at the age of 5, in La Rochelle, France
I attended 1st grade in Greece.
I have lived in France, Spain, Italy, Greece, England, and Holland
While living in France, I witnessed a tidal wave
I have walked along the black sand beaches of Portugal
I was a cheerleader in Jr High and in my Sophmore and Jr years of high school
I was Football Sweetheart at homecoming two years in a row in high school
I was in the Beta club for three years in high school
I worked as a roller skating carhop at an A&W Rootbeer drive in
I worked as a Candy Striper (no not stripper)
I graduated with a 4.0 average
I received a full scholarship from two colleges.
I chose to attend The Universit of Dayton, in Dayton , OH
I drank, and partied myself right out that scholarship
I once lived in the house with a guy who was close personal friends with Jim Croche
I have sat around the fire and listened to him sing songs you've probably never heard
I once dated a guy in a rock band
I once dated a guy who was the son of a mortician, and who later became one himself.
I refused to lie in a casket when he dared me to.
I hitchhiked from Tampa , Fl to San Fransisco, California.
I then hitchehiked from SF to Eugene, Oregon
I broke my leg skiing in Colorado
I have smoked pot
I have snorted cocain
I have drank all kinds of alcohol
I don't LIKE the taste of alcohol
I once had a roommate who could have been the role model for Phoebe on Friends.
I have met Courtney Cox in person
I have met Robert Reford, his wife and their daughter in person
I have been married twice.
My first husband died in a car accident
My oldest son was 2 when his Father and I married
I have four children (Daniel, Joshua, Kasey, & Robby)
I have five grandchildren, two that I have not seen in over two years
I have lived in 10 states (I think it's 10)
I have been an in-store dectective
I helped publish a post newspaper when I was in Germany during Desert Storm
I received a medal and a ribbon (which I did not throw at anyone) for my volunteer work during Desert Storm
I have worked at a counseling center answering a suicide line. Never lost a a caller either.
I once worked as a school crossing guard. In the winter in Alaska!
I walked my kids to school when it was -60 below , they got certificates for attending school that day. I got cold hands and feet.
I once had a close friend who worked as a stripper (stipper not striper)
I helped drive my family from Fairbanks, Alaska, to Manhattan, KS (home of Ft Riley)
I have toured the salt mines in Germany
I have visited Hitler's Eagles Nest in Germany
I have walked through fields of tulips in Holland
I have toured Buchingham Palace
I have been to Arlington Cemetary
I have been through the Holland tunnel
I have been to JFK's grave
I have been on The Sunshine Skyway
I have been up in the Space Needle in Seattle Washington
I have been to the French Quater in New Orleans
I have walked along the 'grassy knoll'
I belive that Lee Harvy Oswald alone shot JFK, no conspiracy, just one crazy man
I believe I know people like Jack Ruby
I once worked as an outside collector for a major funiture company
I have worked as a telemarketer
For 8 years I worked as the Procurement Manager of that same furnitur company
I have sued a former boss, and the company we worked for, for sexual harassment
I won.
I have made love during a hurricane
I have stood outside on a balcony during the same hurricane
I have witnessed a tornado
I saw Lynard Skynard in concert before the plane crash
I saw Black Sabbath in concert,
I smoked pot at both concerts
I have reddish brown hair and blue eyes
I have 'fooled around' with a younger man ;)
My family has had four cats in the past, none now
We have had 6 dogs, two which we still have, Petunia and Dakota
I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee
I am a card carrying member of the Daughters of The American Revolution
I am a member of our local garden club
I am a member of the local book club
I am on the Library Committee
I occasionally do volunteer work at our local hospital
I can reformat the hard drive on my computer
I have loved someone I've never met
I can spend more money than I make, in a heartbeat
I love to shop
I love to travel
I love the beach in fall and winter
I love the mountains in spring and summer
Autumn is my favorite season
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday
Even at my age my favorite clothes are jeans and t-shirt
I love thong sandles
I hate thong panties
I love the word panties, it just sounds so sexy
I love snow but hate driving in it
I have been blogging since March of 03
I have a crush on John McCain
I think Vincent D'Onofrio is sexy as all get out ( Law & Order Criminal Intent)
I am hooked on all the Law & Order shows
I am also a big CSI fan
I am sooooooo glad this is finished! How do people do this?

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