Thursday, April 08, 2004

What A Day

What a day it's been. So much dying. So much fighting. Not just in Iraq. Even the blogosphere is up in arms. We're fighting amongst ourselves. The left and center are calling Bush & Co. liars, theives, murders and war mongers. The right is calling everyone who doesn't agree with them fools, and pussies. Iraq is not the only country being torn apart by the nightmare. Mild mannered Grannies are coming out swinging, and tough guys are getting naked to calm things down!
Personally I am disgusted and distressed. My heart wants this to end. Now. Pack up our troops, bring them home and let these people figure this out for themselves. My mind knows that can't happen.
We (not me and not you, but the leaders of our country) started this. Now, how do we finish it? Can it be finished? Will we ever be able to walk away? Somehow I doubt it. Iraq shows signs of becoming another 'Gaza Strip'. An endless war zone.
Several times today I've seen people say, "would you prefer Saddam still be in power..." . I've given this some thought. I think I would. I know he was a terrible man. A saddist, cruel , Dictator. But you know what, there are lots of those in this world. Look at China. How about North Korea? Parts of Africa, Middle America and South America have cruel, saddist dictators. How about Cuba? We can't save the world. Why did we need to save Iraq?
This war hasn't lessened terrorism around the world. It hasn't stopped Al Qeada. We are no closer to knowing where Ben Ladin (or is it Bin Laden) is than we were a year ago. What have we accomplished?
I no longer trust the media to present the truth. I don't trust the President or his administration to tell us the truth. Someone actually suggested today that they didn't tell us the truth because we couldn't handle the truth! What right has anyone got to decide that the American people can't handle the truth?
I don't know what the answer is. I don't know if there is an answer. I just know I want this to end.
I would like to suggest to everyone that you check out the blog that that Kim over at The G-Spot sent me a link to this morning.
No propaganda here. Baghdad Burning . Just the cold harsh truth.


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