Wednesday, April 14, 2004

This poll is not scientific, there is a margin of error...

While out running errands today, I decide to take a little poll of my own. I asked every person I talked to, "Did you see the President's speech last night" and if they said yes, I then asked "What did you think". I was mildly surprised by the answers I received.
A good many people said "NO" they hadn't watched, but they'd heard he looked and sounded terrible. Hmmm must mean folks here in Podunt are talking. Most excellent.
Of those who said they had watched, the responses varried from , " He sounded like a fool" to "Well, I agree with him but he sure looked bad".
Of course you have to keep in mind that this is a small town that has suffered greatly in the past few years due to the loss of jobs. There are a lot of unemployed people here struggling to make it. None of those 308,000 jobs trickled their way down to us. We also have quite a few of our young men and women deployed to Iraq. So, over all we could be a bit prejudice.
We do have some strong Bush supporters though. I've found they are mostly people in banking, Ministers/Priests, and a sprinkling of law enforcement. The Country Club set feels a bit differently than the guys over at the VFW.
Would you like to know the two lines I heard most were?
"Well, he may mean well but I just don't think he has the right people working for him." Followed by.... "I've been thinking about voting for Kerry but he's all for raising our taxes...". I told every single one of them , with a smile on my face. "YOU don't make enough money to be worried about the taxes that Kerry will be raising." Only the people who make a LOT of money have to be concerned about taxes being raised. Because otherwise you never got a tax break anyway. I think some of them might have wanted to hug me.


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