Sunday, April 18, 2004

Sunday at the Beach (part 2)

We began our journey to the lovely land of sea and salt, here in the wee hours of the morning. All was quiet and peaceful in Podunt. We opted for the scenic route . A scrumptious breakfast was enjoyed at The Waffle House . MMMM it was sooo good !! With full tummies, an eager anticipation we motored on our merry way. We even sang a few songs (99bottles of beer on the wall...). Some people had the audacity to think they could fall asleep. They were promptly gouged and poked until they woke up. No sleeping allowed!!! If driver must stay awake so must passengers. Least we all end up on side of road in ditch when driver falls asleep!
As we neared the coast you could positively smell the air. Oh , how I love that smell of the salty sea! I also love driving this highway. I always feel like I'm coming home. We arrived at our DESTINation , unpacked our truck, and headed for the WATER!!! Needless to say I was under one of those lovely umbrellas, sipping iced tea, chillin in the breeze. Other people were making fools of themselves frolicking in the water.
A little after noonish we packed up and drove down to New Flounders, for a light but delicious lunch . I had blackend Amber Jack (mmmgood), AND a margarita, or two, or maybe even three. It's hard to remember. After lunch we took a stroll along the boardwalk , then sat in big comfortable deck chairs while we waited for one of our other friends to arrive. More margaritas may have been consumed during this time period . As I said before, it's difficult to remember, just how many there were. Let's just say I was comfortably in Margaritaville by the time our friend made his appearence. He invited us down to the marina for an afternoon jaunt on his Sweet Ride. Oh it was such a sweet ride too!
We headed out for our return trip home around 6pm. Too early to see the sunset . But what the heck, you can't always fit everything in to one short day. A wonderful time was had by all. Especially MOI.
Wish YOU could have been there!


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