Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Listen People to What She Says

I know that almost everyone who reads my blog is familiar with Jaye over at Winding Road. I am equally sure that we all love and respect Jaye. Where I tend to be a bit pushy and heavy handed with my political point of view (ya think>), Jaye tends to be more calm and steady. She states her opinion but leaves it up to the reader whether they agree with her or not. Maybe this is why she is able to get through to people when I cannot.
If you still haven't made up you're mind about the upcoming election. If you're still weighing the issues. If you still have an open mind (really open, not just saying that because you don't want to actually come right out and SAY you support Bush). If you' re still having problems because you vote with your heart and your conscience, then I want to encourage you to go read Jaye's post for today. If this post doesn't convice you that we are in trouble and have got to make a CHANGE in the White House come November, then I think, deep down you have already made up your mind and nothing anyone can say will change it. Either way, everyone who cares about our country, our women, our very freedom should read what she has to say.


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