Saturday, April 24, 2004

Just Wondering

How important is blogging in your life? Do you think bloggers make any kind of significant contribution to society? Has anything you've read in a blog changed your mind or your way of thinking about a particular subject or event? Is there one blogger that has impressed you or moved you in a deeply personal way?

I got my first home computer in the fall of 1996. I was astounded at all the amazing and wonderful things I could experience via the internet. It must have been somewhere around late March of 1998 that I discovered Yahoo's message boards. They were the early blogs those message boards. Because my son lived in Austin, and I wanted to learn more about the city, I started posting on the Austin message boards. It was through those message boards that I met someone who would literally save my life at one point. He was there for me in the dark hours that followed a betrayal of the worst kind. There were others as well. David, do you remember Sandra, and Goldie? What was the older guys name? Randy! He was something else. He had all kinds of id's but the one I remember best was 'Diablo'. Then there was the 'veggieguy' or something like that. Do you remember the '3-ways' you , Sandra and I used to have. We had some fun didn't we? I remember that one night......
Then I was off line for awhile. By the time I got back, the boards weren't the same. Last year around March (must be something about March) I discovered my first blog. I was shocked and and in awe. What an amazing concept. From day one I was hooked. One of the first blogs I read was Brenda's. I remember thinking I have found a woman who is living and learning with rednecks just like I am. How cool. Through Brenda I found a plethora of friends. So many smart, funny, interesting people.
These days I can't imagine what I'd do without blogging. Almost everyday I think to myself, I can't wait to tell them about this, or that. Them of course being YOU . For me blogging isn't an online journal, it's Chit-Chat Central. Man, I just love it!!!


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