Saturday, April 10, 2004

Easter Mourning

It's been an exhausting day here. Attending one funeral is bad enough, but two is almost unbearable. Watching parents and grandparents bury their child can not be described. I can't imagine the pain and heart ache these folks are going through. I hope I never have to.
As difficult as it was for me, I can come home and relax in the bosum of my family. My sons and daughter are alive and well. I have never been more grateful for that than I am tonight. For the families of these precious two young men, nothing will ever be the same.
These next few days will be difficult, but there will be friends and family around to give their support. As time goes on everyone will drift away, back into their own lives. Back to life as usual. This is when the real heartache will set in. When that wonderful son isn't there for his usual Thursday night dinner. Or on Sunday mornings to go to church with you. When that grandson isn't there for you to cook for, and take care of. What fills that empty space? Who will come on Mother's Day to see that Mother, now that her only son is gone? His life snuffed out in a split second by a drunk driver. Who will take a that Grandmother to the doctor, now that the grandson she raised from infancy is gone.? Struck down in his youth by a horrible disease. How does one get over a loss such as this?
We never know from one minute to the next when our time is up. Or the time of someone we love. They walk out the door and it may well be the last time you see them.
So today I am asking each of you, don't let this day pass without telling everyone you love, just how much you love them. Let the people you care about know how important they are to you. Let go of the petty things that keep you from holding them close. Reach out, touch someone.
There are times when I'm sorry isn't necessary. A simple I love you is all that's needed.
I love and appreciate all of you who come here to my little corner of the net. I am thankful for every comment you leave, their like little footprints that tell me you've been here. Footprints I treasure. Thank You and God Bless you and your families.
Happy Easter!


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