Monday, April 26, 2004

Beam Me Up Scotty

I can see that this is going to be one of those days. I had this great post, got it all written out and posted. Saw some errors and decided to re-write it. Went to edit, deleted the post, only to discover I had deleted the wrong damn post. Then when I tried copy and pasting it from my other blog, all the comments were gone. GRRRRRR! Excuse me now while I go crawl back into the bed, pull the covers over my head and try to avoid doing anything else stupid today.

Before I go...

Have you ever met someone that just took your breath away. Someone that from the moment you first spoke to them, it seemed as if you'd known them all your life? Conversation came easy, you felt at ease, yet strangely charged at the same time. Not really turned on, but a kind of heightened sense of awareness? Friendly banter in overdrive? Where everyone else in the room sort of fades into the background and it's just the two of you communicating. Sort of a mental orgasm?
Have mercy what an experience!


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