Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Inside the Book

Phyllis posted this unbelievably beautiful poem today and it brought to mind something that I had written several years ago.
Our family was going through a particularly difficult time. I was suffering from a pretty deep depression and as a result had gained quite a bit of weight. I was sad, miserable and fat (as opposed to now, when I'm phat & sassy).
On this particular day there had been an unpleasent incident at the store and I was really feeling low. I sat down at my computer and was just crying. Why, can't people see that what a person is, is so much more than just the way they look? Why are looks so important?
At any rate , as I sat there I wrote this. I had forgotten about it until I read the poem over at Phyllis's. Even now it's difficult for me when I remember how a few careless words had made me feel that day.

To Whom It May Concern

I know what I am
I know who I am
It may appear that I do not
Or that I do not care
But I know
I am aware

There is so much more to me
Than just the body that you see
Ahhh you sneer how can that be
There is so much of you to see
But, all you see is the outside me

I am me
Sometimes funny, sometimes sad
Sometimes good, sometimes bad
Just me, that's all I want to be

Don't judge me by what you see
That is not the best part of me
If you stop and take a second look
You will find this can be a very interesting book


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