Monday, February 23, 2004

Weighing In
No, not THAT kind of weighing in. Get your mind out of the weight room!
There's been all this hullabaloo over 'Gay Marriage' lately, so I am gonna give you my opinion.
..."MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING". What possible difference can it make who gets married? If we are going to decide who should or should not marry then can we decide who cannot reproduce?
For example people who come from wealthy families should be required to marry someone not wealthy. Spread the wealth around. You get more wealthy people. Stupid people should not be allowed to reproduce. For instance people who vote for Ralph Nader should not only be not allowed to marry , but they especially should not be allowed to marry each other, and reproduce. That would be double stupid genes. No child deserves that.
As far as the homosexual, hetrosexual debate goes, anyone who's married knows it's a moot point anyway. Once your married the sex is pretty much over or will soon be. Well at least with the one your married to.
When you have guys like Scott Peterson considered to be "The Perfect Husband", why would anyone in their right mind want to get married?
For more enlightenment on this issue check out Jaye's post titled "civilly disobedient". The girls got it right on the money!


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