Monday, February 09, 2004

There But for the Grace of God, Go I...

No clever or crass tonight. I'm sitting here thinking about how really fortunate I am. In case you have any doubts just go and read The Thoughts and Opinions of A Homeless Girl . Think it can't happen to you? Go back to the beginning and see how she became homeless.
Sometimes late at night, I lie awake and wonder what would have become of us if it hadn't been for my two younger children and their willingness to help. Until you've been there you have no idea how quickly you can lose everything and how little most people care. People you thought were your friends will turn their heads and pretend they don't see you. Relatives will avoid you because it embarasses them to see you living in such dire circumstances. Then there are those who look at you as say, 'if he/she'd just get off their lazy butt and get a job...' They have no clue as to how hard you may be looking and what your going through.
Most of all what makes them look the other way, to avoid you and to even try and make it your fault, is the fear that if it can happen to you then it can happen to them. So they try to find some comfort, some self assurance that it could never happen to them, because they wouldn't let it.
It scares the hell out of them to think... There, But for the Grace of God, go I


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