Friday, February 27, 2004

The Passion of Christ
Everybody's talking about Mel's new movie. So, I guess I will too. My thoughts are conflicted. On one hand I think it's a great movie and a story that cannot be told often enough. I think it's possible that the move will speak to the hearts and minds of everyone who sees it. It may even move some to take their relationship with God to a more serious level. Some may even be moved to return to the church and to re-dedicate their lives to the service and honor of God. I believe now was the perfect time for it to be released. With Lent upon us and Easter coming up. Whether you are Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, or any one of the other many denominations, you can't help but be curious about the movie and all that it represents. Of course if you're an Atheist it will have no religious significance for you, but it's still an excellent movie. Or so I've heard.
Like Jaye , I wonder if there will be a backlash of anti-Jewish sentiment. I hope not. It would be foolish to blame the Jews of today for what happened thousands of years ago. Besides who's to say, if Jesus came back today, that he would not receive the same treatment he received then? And not just from the Jews.
Can you imagine if a man came forward and proclaimed himself to be "the son of God"? He would be laughed out of town, or run out. People would say "prove it" but when he performed some miracle, they'd say "oh that's just magic, even David Copperfield can do magic...". You know they would. Serioulsy, would YOU believe him? He might be arrested and sent to GITMO as a supporter of terrorism. It's not beyond the realm of possibility you know. Not these days.
Then there is the issue of people taking their children to see the movie. I'm not sure that is the best thing to do. Just today I read where a woman in Kansas had a heart attack while viewing the movie. I've seen the people coming out of theaters and they all look like they've had an extreme emotional experience. I can't help but think that kids 10 and under might not be prepared for the violence . Of course that's just my opinion. Maybe I'm just an ole wussy. Or over protective. Besides I'm not sure I can handle it, so it's a given I would be uncertain about children.
While the movie was filmed in Southern California, the dialog is in Latin. Which will make it even more confusing for children, and maybe some adults.
Okay, so now tell me what YOU think. This enquiring mind wants to know....


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