Saturday, February 14, 2004

Much Ado About Nothing

While it piques me to do so, I am behooved to admit the scuttlebutt regarding "George's Missing Year", appears to be apocryphal (see Jen, I found a way to use that special word).
Today the President ordered the release of all his military records. Of course there are those who will speculate that this is too much , and much too late. Since it is ridiculously easy to alter ones military records (especially if one has the power of the Oval Office behind one) there will no doubt be those who will be suspicious of this late showing of 'evidence'.
Have I changed my mind regarding the importance of this? Yes, (that is a woman's perogative isn't it). I now say SO WHAT (see entry titled 'so what')? This all took place over 30 years ago. If Dubya, took a hiatius from the Guard to work on some Alabama fellow's campaign, big deal. If John Kerry (AFTER his return from Vietnam) protested the war in Vietnam (even if he flung his Medals to the ground or whatever he did with them, they were HIS medals, he earned them) . So what ? The statute of limitations has run out. Let's move on already. There are much more important issues to focus this upcoming election on.
No, I do not mean the equally apocryphal crap that Matt Drudge is spreading all over the net about Kerry. Clearly the good folks in Nevada and Washington D.C. didn't place much importance on this non-issue as Mr Kerry won the caucuses in both locations today.
There are those out there in the political blogosphere who say Mr Kerry is merely the Democratic version of Bush. I find that interesting. Especially since I have said that in my opinion Mr Kerry bears a striking resemblance to another great Repugnican Republican, good ole Honest Abe.


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