Thursday, February 12, 2004

Blog Titles

After reading Special K's rant today (that means I read it today, not that she wrote it today), I have grudgingly decided she has a point. The particular rant I am referring to is the bit about listing people on your blog roll by their name instead of by the name of their blog/journal/site. I must admit that "What's Up Down South" probably does sound/look more interesting than just plain ole "Brenda". That is unless you know Brenda, then you of course KNOW how interesting and exciting 'Brenda' is. Alas not everyone knows Brenda.
I confess I do this more out of laziness than any kind of blog-bonding attempt (unlike my 'boobies' picture, which was a scandalous attempt at uping my blog readership). It's quicker and easier to just zap 'Special K' up there than to have to write out "The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Person". Oh and it takes up less space.
Then there are those people like me, who are constantly changing the name and/or the location of their blog. I notice some people still have my old site "Dangerously Delusional" on their blog rolls. That's okay, cause I have a link there to assist anyone interested in finding their way here. My theory is I don't care what you call me, just call! Oh and comment. I love comments. In fact if one could prostitute one's self out for comments, I might consider doing it. Especially if one could work from one's home. (Dennis, you may need to say a special prayer for me tonight, I am getting dangerously close to being a very naughty girl here.) If anyone wants to rant and rave about people being a slave addicted to their comments, go right ahead. I don't deny I love comments. It's my blog and I'll love em if I want to!!!!! In fact people who SAY they don't care, are most likely lying. Why else would they even bother to offer the comments option if they didn't care about them?
At any rate, heretofore all blogs listed on my blog roll will be listed by the title of the blog. Never let it be said I can't take constuctive criticism.
Incidently, regarding an email I received today from tx. Who knew WD-40 had so many uses?


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