Friday, January 30, 2004

Welcome to 'Gitmo'
Let me create a scenario for you.
You have an adult son or daughter. Say in the age range of 20-35. At some time in the past 5-8 years this son or daughter has used drugs. Drugs being ANYthing considered to be a controlled substance, including the occassional use of marijuana. Lets say this child has been arrested, or detained for the suspicion of using or possessing drugs or drug parahernalia. In order to have used or possessed these drugs your child had to have purchased them or been associated with someone who purchased them. Think about the add that is currently being run on televisions everywhere. The one that says if you use or have used drugs (remember that includes the occasional use of marijuana) you are contributing to terrorism. Think about what The Patriot Act says about people who are 'suspected' of contributing to or having contributed to, terrorism. Your child just became a suspect.
Welcome to 'Gitmo' (this is the new police/FBI catch word for Guantanmo Bay where all persons suspected of having any association with terrorism are taken). You do not have the right to remain silent, you do not have the right to an attorney, no attorney will be appointed on your behalf. You can be held for questioning as long as deemed necessary.
Now, lets say that at some point you helped your son or daughter out. Maybe you made bail for them. Or maybe you just loaned them money because they were broke and hungry. Or maybe you helped them out with their rent, or car payment. You are now a suspect. The way you discover this fact is you get a letter in the mail telling you your bank account (an any other funds you may have in a federally insured banking institution) has been frozen. There is NO time limit on how long your money may be held. If you have a business, your business may be seized as well.
According to The Patriot Act, once you become suspected of terrorism, or of associating with someone suspected of terrorism, you have NO rights. Think that only applies to Muslims, Arabs, or people of Middle Eastern Desent? You would be wrong. It applies to EVERYONE .
Just yesterday on the Fox News website, there was an article about The Patriot Act. Some people were a little uncomfortable with some of the language and wanted to make some changes. John Ashcroft announced that ' The President' did NOT want ANYthing changed.
Now think about that add, The Patriot Act and it's implications for you and your family. If that doesn't scare you, then maybe you need to think about it some more. If you think I am being an alarmist, and I am overly concerned. Then just sit back , wait , watch and do nothing. If I'm wrong we have nothing to fear. If I'm right, by the time you finally realize it, it will probabaly be too late. What are the odds?


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