Tuesday, January 13, 2004

The Scent of a Woman
Have you ever been so angry with someone that you just literally wanted to slap them? I have a temper, I don't often let it get the best of me but tonight I came really close to just smacking the piss out of someone. I didn't. But I damn sure wanted to. In fact I didn't say a word. I sat there mad as hell and kept my mouth shut. Yeah, I know that's hard to believe but I did it. Not because I wanted to. Because the person I was so pissed at is a close friend of my son Robby's. I really like this kid (although at 22 he's not really a kid). He's a sweet young man with a good heart and he's cute as all get out. But when it comes to women he is an absolute fool. A complete idiot. Trust me I am not overstating this fact.
In early December, Robby and this friend both got jobs at the same place. Robby doesn't have a car right now so he told this friend that if he was going to work there he would have to rely on him for a way to work and back for awhile. "NO problem" this friend says. Everything has been going smoothly. They go to work together, they come home, have breakfast and crash. Ususally here at our house. That is until Friday night. Some how this young man ran into a former girlfriend of his while in town. Now, this is a girl who cheated on him the entire time they were together. Then she dumped him, hooked up with one of his best friends and preceeded to get herself knocked up. So, he runs into her Friday night and she once again lures him right back into that same ole trap. She has no intention of leaving the guy she is living with, but she wants to keep Josh (that his name) as one of her 'boys on the side'. No doubt there are several others. Now, he has started laying out of work. Which would be his business except for the fact that if he doesn't go to work, Robby has no way to go either. On top of that he doesn't bother to call or let Robby know until damn near too late to try and find another way.
I tried to talk to him about this and really thought I got through to him. He's too nice a guy to put up with this kind of treatment. So what happens but again tonight, he doesn't call or show up until about 15 before they have to leave for work, and "HE'S SICK", he 's not going in to work, AGAIN!!!
Have you ever been so pissed at someone that you just wanted to slap the crap out of them? I didn't, but oh how I wanted to!!!!
Why are men/boys so stupid sometimes?


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