Tuesday, January 27, 2004

The Kama Sutra of Pooh
Looks like Pooh is finally coming out, of the woods that is. Thanks to The G-Spot for that hilarious link. Now I know where Dakota (my little doggie) got her idea for humping my stuffed teddy bears. Not that she is faithful to the bears. Petunia (other bigger doggie) has fallen victim to doggie lesbian rape. She's got to where she will only sleep on the sofa or in a chair. I don't know what' s gotten into Dakota, but she will pull my bears down off the bed, or the chair and mount them. She seems to prefer 'doggy style' but has been spotted going for the 69 position as well. I'm beginning to wonder if she is sneaking in here at night and looking up doggy porn on the internet. And to think she looks so sweet and innocent!


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